Key Legal Aspects to Lookout Before Starting New Business

Key Legal Aspects to Lookout Before Starting New Business

It is illustrated that nothing can be more exciting than the thought of opening your own business. But you have to go through numerous processes when starting your own company. When starting your own business, there are a number of legal requirements that you have to adhere to. The most important ones are as follows.

The legal structure of your business

One of the key decisions you have to make when starting a business is to decide on the legal status or structure of your company. Your chosen legal structure will affect how you run your business.

Widely used business legal structures are:

  1. Limited partnership
  2. Sole proprietorship
  3. Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  4. Corporation
  5. S-corporation


Once you’ve chosen your official company name, consider registering your trading name and logo as a trademark. This will prevent others from registering their company under the same name.


More importantly you will need several types of licenses or permits before you open your business. The number of licenses your business will require will depend on the kind of establishment you want it to be. Also you will need a business license, trading license, and sales tax permit.

Zoning laws

Always do not make the costly mistake of assuming that your zoning is appropriate just because your business is similar to the ones already located there. 


Apart from an employer’s liability insurance, you may want to consider investing in public liability or professional indemnity as well. These kinds of coverage will help protect your business from compensation claims if something goes awry.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

It is better that knowing which laws apply to your new business is something that is also important if you want to open a company overseas. If you wish to expand globally, make it a priority to consult a trusted corporate law firm to guide you every legal step of the way.

Health and safety laws

Primarily as a business owner, you will have to assume several important health and safety responsibilities. These include guaranteeing that your employees work in a safe, healthy environment.

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